How to Post an Appearance Bond

Pick up an assessment certificate for your property in the Assessor's Office.

  • Go to the Sheriff's Office to get the bond amount.

  • Purchase a conveyance certificate from the Clerk of Court recording Department for $20.00 (CASH ONLY!)

  • Purchase a mortgage certificate from the Clerk of Court Recording Department. The fee is $20.00 for the first name, $10.00 each additional name. (CASH ONLY!)

  • Bring the mortgage certificate and assessment to the Sheriff's Office in either Gonzales or Donaldsonville to have the bond prepared for $30.00. (CASH ONLY!)

  • Bring the bond to a 23rd Judicial District Court Judge for approval and signature.

  • Bring the signed bond to the Clerk of Court in Donaldsonville or Gonzales for recordation. $70.00 fee for the first bond and $60.00 fee for each additional bond which includes fees for cancellation. (CASH ONLY!) Notice: At the time of cancellation there is a $100.00 fee per appearance bond (MONEY ORDER ONLY!) made payable to the 23rd JDC District Attorney's Office to cancel each bond.

  • Bring the certified copy of the bond to the jail where the person is being held.


Instructions For Cancelling an Appearance Bond

  • Obtain an extract of minutes from the Clerk of Court showing that the matter has been completed along with a Bond Cancellation Form. The fee is $10.00. If your case has not been completed or has not gone to court you must obtain a letter from the District Attorney's Office advising whether the charges were refused or prosecution was denied. Bring the letter to the Clerk of Court.

  • Bring the form and minutes to the District Attorney's Office for approval. The fee is $100.00 per bond to be cancelled. (Money Order Only!) made payable to the 23rd JDC District Attorney's Office.

  • Have a Judge sign the form and bring back to the Clerk of Court.

  • If the original bond was posted after June 1, 1996, there is no additional cancellation fee. Otherwise, the cancellation fee is $30.00.

  • If the property used to post the bond is located outside of Ascension Parish you must follow the same steps listed above; however, bring the cancellation form and the minutes to the Parish where the property is located.